We’re closing the gender gap in tech’

And changing the ratio UP

Diversity is good for people, culture and profitability

Creating innovative products and services requires diverse perspectives. Yet teams that are building technology remain largely homogenous.

Did you know…

  • …of the 33% of females working in the technology sector today, only around 11% are in actual tech roles?

  • …and 56% of these women abandon tech altogether at the midpoint of their careers? (that’s more than double the quit rate of men)

Project F’s solution tackles this problem in two ways:

For COMPANIES - Program 50/50

Program 50/50 helps companies identify and remove the hidden systemic and environmental barriers to achieving gender balance in technology and leadership.
Program 50/50 provides;

  1. a tech’ specific gender diversity & inclusion “health-check”, roadmap and accreditation program to drive tangible results and

  2. female-only recruitment to both pipeline female talent and actively search for female candidates for tech roles.

for women working in tech - The F FACTOR

By working only with companies who are genuinely committed to achieving diverse leadership in technology, we give women working in technology access to the best career prospects in inclusive tech teams with great potential.

The F Factor community celebrates women in technology and brings amazing women together with connections, inspiration, mentorship, career support and opportunities to build the careers they want and deserve.