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Did you know that of the 33% of females working in the technology sector today, only around 11% are in actual tech roles? And that 56% of these women leave tech altogether at the midpoint of their careers? That’s more than double the quit rate of men.

At Project F we approach this problem in two ways:

Women in actual technology roles just 11%

Women in actual technology roles just 11%


For employers - Program 50/50

We only work with companies who demonstrate CEO level commitment to undertaking what’s required to close the gender gap in their tech’ teams.
Program 50/50 provides;

  1. a tech’ specific gender diversity & inclusion “health-check” and accreditation program to drive tangible results and

  2. female only recruitment to both pipeline female talent and actively search for female candidates for tech roles.

for women working in tech’

By working only with companies who are genuinely committed to closing the tech gender gap in this way, we give women in technology access to the best career prospects in inclusive tech teams with great potential.

The Project F community celebrates women in technology and brings amazing women together with connections, inspiration, mentorship, career support and opportunities to build the careers they want and deserve.




We know that companies with diversity of thought and perspective significantly outperform homogeneous ones. However, finding and retaining great talent from the vastly underrepresented female community is still incredibly challenging.  Why?

The pipeline is thin as few females enter STEM or computer sciences to begin with, and

56% of women leave the tech industry because of unsupportive environments and lack of career prospects (more than double the quit rate in males)

Solving the problem takes an investment of time and focused effort which is an ongoing challenge for fast growth tech companies.
And that’s where Project F comes in.

We get that men and women are physiologically and psychologically different. Their working styles, preferences and priorities are different. Progressive education institutions have cottoned on to the fact that boys and girls learn differently and are catering for these differences with incredible results.

We see a big part of our job as helping employers recognise the differences and learn to become “gender bilingual”.
Then their teams can thrive together and that’s where good culture becomes great.

We partner with strategically chosen D&I specialists to provide the tools for our customers to create inclusive environments so that they can both attract and retain great female talent.




Project F is immersed in the female technology community 100% of the time, engaging with awesome talented women working in tech every single day.

We focus on the community of female talent in the tech' sector, providing thought leadership, networking, career advice and ultimately great career opportunities with great employers. 

Our community networking group, The F Factor, brings together women in tech careers, women who love what they do, women who want to share with others, to learn, to grow and to help others too. We provide an inclusive environment where everyone is welcomed and celebrated and we provide inspiration in the form of high value talks from remarkable women in the world who are leaders and change makers.